What’s Lou Doing #5: Waiting, Crisis, Colour

Sarah Sze, Philharmonia Orchestra, Gustav Mahler, Mamimu, Justine Fox, London Design Festival
I share what I’ve been to, what I’m going to and what I’d like to see.

Seen 👀

Sarah Sze, The Waiting Room Peckham (London)
19 May-17 September 2023
Each week I learn something completely new shifting what I think I understand. I wasn’t familiar with Sarah Sze’s work until I saw her exhibition at Peckham. This installation was created specifically for the old Waiting Room at Peckham Rye Station, a beautiful space that is usually locked up from view. Like walking into a kaleidoscope, this was one of the most beautiful, spiritual and ephemeral artworks I’ve seen all year.

Philharmonia Orchestra: Gustav Mahler: Symphony No 1 “Titan” — Bold Tendencies, Peckham (London)
16 September
The end of the season and the last warm night of summer! A beautiful uplifting yet sad end to the Crisis programme. Presented alongside huge banners with the words of Greta Thunberg, reminding us we can all be the change we’re seeking, we were taken on a journey through nature, from the small sounds of a bird call to the sonic boom of ice crashing. Incredibly lucky to also hear Gustav Mahler’s granddaughter Marina speak after the performance.

Going to 👋

Colour, Culture & Happiness, Using Collaborative Strategies for Thriving Communities — June Mineyama-Smithson, Justine Fox, Ruth Campbell & Lucy Bagshaw London Design Fair, Shoreditch (London)
22 September 2023
Designing spaces for connection and community is what I love! I’ve been following June Mineyama-Smithson aka Mamimu and Justine Fox for a while now so I’m excited to finally hear them talk about a subject so close to my heart.

London Design Festival
16—24 September
It’s the last weekend of London Design Festival! I’ve not had much time this year to explore but I’m planning to see Simone Brewster’s Spirit of Place. I love cork and I’m really interested to see how it’s being used as a public sculpture. This is very exciting for me! I’ll also stop in to see the Hackability of the Stool by Daisuke Motogi at the Vitra Tramshed showroom. I’ve looked longingly through the windows of the showroom for years and want to finally see the space. If you ever walk past, don’t forget to look at the amazing doors! Those colours!

Wishing I was going to 😭

Morag Myerscough Nice to Meet You Again Shoreditch Electric Light Station, Hoxton (London)
I wish I’d been able to visit Morag Myerscough’s Nice to Meet You Again installation this week. I love Morag’s approach to design and her mantra ‘make happy those who are near and those who are far will come’.

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