What’s Lou Doing #3: Hope, Awe, Soul

Oona Doherty, Awe Walks, Horace Andy, Dancing, Shapes and Rituals
I share what I’ve been to, what I’m going to and what I’d like to see.

Seen 👀

Oona Doherty: Hope Hunt — Bold Tendencies (Peckham, London)
22 July
An incredible, moving performance by Irish choreographer Oona Doherty. A mix of dance and theatre, the dancer Sati Veyrunes was vulnerable yet so strong at the same. The DJ set afterwards was definitely needed to pull us back together — I felt so sad afterwards — as well as a long walk Sunday! Definitely go and see Oona Doherty’s work if you can. Unlike anything I’ve seen.

Awe Walks
Anytime, anywhere
I’ve been going on awe walks after I finish work — you’ll find a recent one on Instagram! You don’t have to go anywhere special. Walk down your street or to your local park. What can you see? What makes you go ‘wow’? Even looking up and thinking about how big the world is, and how little it is in the universe is awe-inspiring! And we live here! I love looking out for all those little unexpected moments, chatting with people and hearing their stories, finding beautiful colour combinations, torn paper, graffiti. There’s so much to enjoy in the spaces and people around us!

Horace Andy and the Dub Asante Band and Matic Horns — The Jazz Cafe (Camden, London)
27 July and 31 July
I’m still feeling all the good vibes from seeing the soulful Horace Andy, Dub Asante and Matic Horns. What a performance by a living legend. The connection and love between everyone playing, as well as off stage, was really special and something I’ll treasure. And to experience it with my oldest friend gives me tingles (some people follow a lover, I followed her to London). I’d also forgotten what a great venue The Jazz Cafe is too.

Going to 👋

The Fandango Discoteca — Canary Wharf (London)
26-30 July, Festival14
In partnership with the Loss Project, artist Annie Frost Nicholson has created a disco using K67 modular kiosks designed by the legendary Sasa Machtig in 1967. Annie’s work is shaped by love, connection, grief and trauma — with music, dance and words allowing us to find a new way to move through the world. Bright pink on the outside with an amazing interior, I can’t wait to dance inside this mini-disco.

Ikra Arshad ‘Shape-energy’ — Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes, Shoreditch (London)
3 August
I’ve been following Ikra’s for quite a few years so I’m really excited to be attending her first solo exhibition. Mentored by Camille Walala, you might have seen Ikra’s distinctive ’80s-inspired pastel and geometric work in Design Milk or on the walls of Peckham Levels. She also gave us a little taster of some 3D objects in her East Quay installation but I’ve been told we can expect to see more!

Wishing I was going to 😭

Anywhere green or with the sea! I think it’s time to get out of London for a bit. I’m starting to feel a bit tired. Let me know your recommendations!

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