Simple motivation tips for unmotivated times

How to find motivation and be productive when you don’t feel like working
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Motivation isn’t fixed, coming and going. The flow is a natural part of work, giving us space to think and work on the next idea. Sometimes though, especially if you have a deadline, you just have to get things done. Instead of freaking out, here are some simple — and easy — actions you can take to find your motivation and increase your productivity when you feel less than motivated.

Feeling unmotivated? Follow these simple tips to help you get started. Image © Common Exception

Go outside

Sometimes we can get a bit stuck in our heads. Going out is the quickest way to clear your head and you’ll also release some endorphins. Walk, run, cycle, garden. It doesn’t matter what you do.

Walk barefoot

While you’re out, get some grass or sand between your toes. Even gravel is good! Going barefoot, even quickly, can help destress you, helping with focus later. This is also called grounding and helps calm your nervous system.

Ask yourself why

Usually, we feel unmotivated when we don’t enjoy what we’re doing or we feel uncomfortable. It’s useful to unpick what the reason is to understand why you feel how you do. Ask yourself why you’re feeling unmotivated and see what comes up. Perhaps it’s being afraid of failing — and if it is, you need to do it anyway — or it’s something more serious like an issue with the project or commission. Or perhaps you’re bored with what you’re doing? Once you get to the bottom of why you’re feeling how you do, it’s much easier to find your motivation again.

Get rid of distractions 

You might feel the need to clean your house or constantly check the news or social media, or do anything else but what you need to do. If you need to clean, set a time limit and get what you can done in less than an hour. Then put your phone away. If you’re working on a computer, turn off your notifications. Everything can wait while you get started.

Choose one action

What’s the key thing you need to get done today? Focus on that and let everything else wait until tomorrow.

Set a 30-minute timer

Sometimes you just need to start. It can be really useful to set a 30-minute timer to see how much you can get done. You’ll be surprised at how productive you can be!

Listen to music & dance!

Dancing is a great way to release tension and release some happy endorphins. Turn your music up and move your body. We even made a playlist for you with some feel good, get started vibes.

Prepare for unmotivated days

Having some ideas mapped out for days when you feel unmotivated is really useful. In our interview with the artist Ana Curbelo aka Untepid, she told us how she uses her motivated times to come up with a list of ideas which she uses as a cheat sheet for less motivated days.

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