Tips to help you nurture your creative rhythm

From getting outside, turning off your phone to embracing doing nothing, we ask our community for their top tips on staying motivated
Trying to find your rhythm? Motivation comes and goes, but how do you find it when you’re feeling less than inspired? From getting outside, turning off your phone to embracing doing nothing, we ask our community for their top tips.

Write down all your ideas and don’t be afraid of doing nothing

Common Exception Ana Curbelo Untepid
Ana Curbelo, Artist

“I look back on my old work to remind myself how I’ve improved, which helps generate some energy. Motivation comes and goes all the time and I try to remind myself of that. Whenever I feel motivated I exploit it as much as I can, I write down all the ideas that come to mind and when I lack motivation I use that list as a cheat sheet for ideas on what to do. I don’t force things unless I have a deadline. My best ideas usually come after a period of doing nothing.” — Ana Curbelo, Artist

Look at why you started in the first place

Common Exception Biancha Samuel-Reid House of Gaia
Biancha Samuel-Reid, Designer, Hand of Gaia

“I continue to look up to the great examples that surround me and now and again I flick through the pages of an old notebook where I first wrote down why I wanted to start in the first place. I knew starting a business was going to be tough and who could ever imagine that I would stay afloat during a global pandemic but nevertheless I’m learning so much more about what success looks like to me. I stay motivated because I have a wonderful, beautiful family to provide for and want to be a great example of believing.” — Biancha Samuel-Reid, Designer, Hand of Gaia

Have structure and make space for other interests

Common Exception Kieron Lewis Graphic Designer
Kieron Lewis, Freelance Graphic Designer

“Having structure within my day-to-day schedule. From school days, I’ve always been a stickie note, to-do list kind of person. Nothing has changed really. I have begun to give more attention to mental wellbeing by doing yoga with Iria once a week, and I have Spanish classes twice a week. Doing these little things which despite are separate from design work, allows my brain to have another outlet. As a result, when it comes to ‘getting in the zone’ or growing my business, I am certainly in the right mindset and mood to dedicate all my attention and focus.” — Kieron Lewis, Freelance Graphic Designer

Surround yourself with a range of talented people

Common Exception Aishleen Lester
Aishleen Lester, Founder & Jewellery Designer, Le Ster

“In the early stages of starting a business it is so important you are surrounded by a range of people, with different talents and skills. Hearing what other people are doing, sharing obstacles and collaborative brainstorming really help to keep me motivated, especially during periods when it feels hard.” — Aishleen Lester, Jewellery Designer, Le Ster

Switch off and hit pause

Common Exception Nafeesa Arshad
Nafeesa Arshad, Founder, Goodness Gracious Grief

“When you are fully and emotionally invested in something you are happy to give it the time it needs. But also, I actually heavily prioritise my wellbeing, especially after the last year. So if I have to switch off and hit pause I will delete my apps for a few days and delegate tasks to others.” — Nafeesa Arshad, Founder, Goodness Gracious Grief

Get outside and walk every day

Common Exception Katrina Wilson KATRINA & RE
Katrina Wilson, Founder & Fashion Designer, KATRINA & RE

“I love listening to podcasts from other small biz owners and coaches. I also find it important to listen to ones that have absolutely nothing to do with fashion or business to have a break from work topics! Getting outside and walking everyday is really important for my motivation and energy levels.” — Katrina Wilson, Fashion Designer, KATRINA & RE

Listen to music and limit time scrolling

Common Exception Coco Lom Artist
Coco Lom, Artist

“I’m really discovering that the right motivation is everything. I only allow myself to look at my phone notifications once I’m at my desk in the morning, which helps me get up and not get stuck in the deadly scroll. If I’ve got lots of design work in progress, I’ll put on one of my brother’s Spotify playlists. We’ve got a very similar taste in music and his tunes keep us both going throughout the day (thanks Barney!). Current favourites include Charli Brix, Koherent, Pola & Bryson and DRS.” — Coco Lom, Artist

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