Step into the Surreal: Dreamscape Workshop

Join our Surreal Collage Workshop as part of the Dreamscape exhibition
Join Fabric Experiments and Common Exception for a zine and collage workshop this Saturday at Deptford Gallery OPEN 205. Curated by Maya Foley from Fabric Experiments, be inspired by Dreamscapes artists Paula R Rodriguez and Arizona Smith and make your own surreal art inspired by dreams, inner realities, blurred boundaries and spaces. Book now and join us!

Saturday 25 Nov, 4-7pm

205 Deptford High Street, London UK SE8 3NT


All materials provided. All abilities welcome. Book now and join us!

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About the artists

Paula R Rodriguez (1989, Mexico City) is a Mexican artist based in London whose painting practice combines creative explorations of her native Mexico. She uses shape, colour, and form to evoke the magic realism of her cultural background and the richness of its native traditions. “The idea of an altered reality has always fascinated me. When I was a little girl I used to stare at reflections in the water and immerse myself in the idea that the girl looking back was somewhere else. My work in a way is an exploration of this, mostly based on memory, the paintings are imagined realities where space and solitude play a central role. The images normally come to me as daydreams, becoming windows into a place that is silent, where I can be alone in the vastness. Giving shape and colour the stage in order to escape from the often overwhelming noise of the mind.”

Arizona Smith is a visual artist from London. Inspired by her vivid dreams and the surreal, she creates artworks which move across genre and material to capture her inner vision. “My interest in dreams began very young as I encountered vivid and altering dream states often. My work over the last few years has been a communication of the feeling of being in a dream, the personification of the material and the emotional charge of spaces – of rooms and the spaces between objects. I am interested in the furniture of the psyche – what is furnishing your inner world?”

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