Simple Project Management tips for creative people

How to get on top of your to-do list
Common Exception Simple Project Management tips for creative people

Feeling overwhelmed or struggling with your to-do list? After years of working in project management, our top tip is to do less, not more. Focus on what’s important and forget the rest. Seriously, it can wait. You’re in charge, so run your business how you need to. To help you find your confidence, here are some simple tips for how to be a project manager.

Get rid of your huge daily to-do list!

A to-do list needs to be manageable. Use a project management tool instead to manage your workflow and tasks. There are lots of great free project management tools such as Trello but even a simple spreadsheet is great

Focus on your priorities

This is whatever that is making your money or that brings you joy! If you’re working on a pitch or bid, design, commission or job application, give it your full attention. Everything else can wait.

Be realistic about your time

Most of us can only do a few tasks in one day. Aim to do a maximum of three actions. If you manage to do more, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Plan whatever you’re working on

Breaking your project down into smaller tasks is the key to project management. Just don’t think you can get everything done in a day!

Get rid of non-priorities

Once you’ve got your plan, cut out the waste. Not every action you’ve included in your plan will be necessary. If they aren’t adding value, don’t do them.

Look at all the options

Is there something on your list that looks like it will drain your energy and time? If it’s a priority it might not be possible to get rid of it completely but there could be a workaround. Consider your options and take your mindset into account before you begin.

Deadlines are your friend!

Don’t be afraid of due dates. They are great motivators and simply help us things done. Set deadlines for when your actions need to be completed. If you’re using a tool like Trello you can set automatic due dates, or assign tasks if you’re working with other people.

What are your tips? Do you find the thought of project management too much or see it as a great tool to get work done? Tell us your thoughts.

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