Feel inspired & build a business that feels like you, not someone else.

Everyone is different, and so is every business. Our workshops are unique, putting you at the centre. Through a process of discovery, find out what’s important to you, where you want to go and how to get there. Perfect for anyone getting started or looking to grow.

Learn at your own pace

Our workshops are designed to be flexible, and completed within a couple of hours. Do it all at once, or break it down into sections.

Choose your own adventure

Pick and mix from any of our workshops. We recommend you start with Workshop: You but the rest of your journey is up to you.

Our teaching style

Putting you at the centre, we teach through the process of doing. Working our way through questions and activities you’ll gain clarity and purpose.

A business is about relationships — with yourself, your brand and your customers. Even if you’ve had a business for a long time you can lose sight of these interconnections. In our first series, we help you discover what you really care about, what might be holding you back, connecting you to your brand and customers.

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