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Shout about the businesses who have helped you build your brand
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Have you got a great creative service-based business or freelancer supporting you? It’s time to shout about them! The other day I realised while we have #meetthemaker, #shopsmall, #justacard and Holly Tucker’s #colourfriday for artists, makers and shops we don’t have any campaigns supporting small, independent service based businesses – the business behind the business.

Support the business #behindthebusiness

It’s a tough time for independent creative freelancers and small businesses.The pandemic closely followed by the cost of living crisis is pushing small businesses to the edge, with more than half worried about making it through 2022.*

It’s time to change that! Word of mouth remains as powerful as ever. The #behindthebusiness campaign we’ve started supports all the small, independent creative businesses and freelancers behind the scenes making good things happen. The idea is for all businesses to shout out about the people that have helped them grow their business, as we all know it takes a community not just one person. 

These businesses need as much support because we all need great logos, beautiful websites, amazing images, marketing advice and copy that speaks to us… and if these businesses go, who will do it with passion and expertise?

How can you help?

👉 Word of mouth is powerful! Give your #behindthebusiness freelancers and brands a shout out

👉 Share their profiles on social media

👉 Let us know who they are! 

👉 Talk about this campaign

You can also join our Community. We’re creating an A-Z of creative people — from makers, artists, designers, photographers, and social media experts — to connect and collaborate with. We need to keep as many small businesses as we can! ❤️‍🔥

*Source: Cromwell Insights 2022 SME Insights Report

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